LRK external membership application


Please apply for transfer into LRK external membership after you graduate. Application is meant for LRK student members. Student members will be removed from LRK after graduation because LRK members are also required to be AYY members. To enforce this students are removed after their 6th year. If you are studying for longer than 6 years please contact the board to stay as student member. By applying for external membership you will be added to LRK alumni mailing list and you will stay forever as part of LRK.

Transfer from student member into external member is free. External membership lasts forever. Everyone graduating from LRK should apply!!!

Apply external membership

By applying you accept that your information is saved into LRK register according to EU GDPR. LRK privacy statement.
  • Notice! Aalto mail will be disabled 4 months after graduation. Please provide email from other provider.
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