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Want to be member of something bigger and better? If answer is yes then fill the membership application form. As a member of our club you will benefit for example following:

  • You will be added to LRK members email list which will be the main information channel
  • You can join our exqursions and events
  • You can spend time in our clubroom Pilssi

Once filling the form you will be sent membership fee paying instructions. Membership fee is 10 euros and that will give you lifetime membership.

If you are not part of AYY student union and do not study in Aalto University but still desire to join LRK please contact the board directly. You can join LRK as an external member. Reasons for joining LRK this way could be for example studies in another university or work in Finland in the field of marine technology. Each case is weighed separately but we are mostly open for interested individuals!

Apply membership

By applying you accept that your information is saved into LRK register according to EU GDPR. LRK privacy statement.
  • From beginning of university studies. Used for controlling LRK membership list.
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