Guidelines for members

These are the rules of Pilssi and excursions. Every member of LRK is responsible for following them. Pilssi is LRK own clubroom located in K3 building.

1. Keep Pilssi clean:

  • Wash your dishes
  • Bring the clean cups to their place (next to the coffee machine), don’t leave them laying around
  • Clean up your own mess
  • Clean and wash the coffee machine and its surroundings after use
  • Don’t leave your stuff lying around
  • Use common sense

2. Come to the excursions where you have signed in:

  • If you aren’t comming because of a good reason (sickness etc.), please notify the board ASAP so that we can ask someone on the wait list to join the excursion.
  • Signing for excursions is binding, don’t sign in if suspect that you might not be able to attend.
  • Not attending excursions you have signed in can result in sanctions dictated by the board (Banning from excursions and events)

3. Pay your bills at time for LRK:

  • There can’t be coffee, soda, parties etc. if LRK has no money
  • When you take something from the fridge, mark it in the bill list. Money will be collected later.

4. Respect your fellow students and their work:

  • Do not lock the computers for more than half an hour when you are away
  • Let everybody do their tasks
  • Help each other
  • Don’t steal. Things in Pilssi shuld stay in Pilssi.