NTHS regulations

Statues for the association NORDENS TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLORS SKEPPSBYGGARE statued at the XIV congress in Helsinki including changes up until 2001.





The members of the association are composed of students from the following universities:
– Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), Copenhagen
– Chalmers Tekniska Högskola (CTH), Gothenburg
– Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Stockholm
– Norges Tekniske Naturvitenskaplige Universitet (NTNU), Trondheim
– Helsinki Univeristy of Technology (HUT), Helsinki


The purpose of the association is to improve the contacts between the members and to act as a provider of knowledge in ship building in the Nordic countries.


The board of the association consists of six members; the president and the treasurer from the university that is arranging the congress and one chairman from each university. The president is elected by the board and the rest of the members by each university.


The congress


Every year a congress is to be arranged in one of the four Nordic countries. Each university hosts the congress every fifth year.


Each university is allowed a delegation of ten participants. The host university may allow more participants if desired.


The congress must comprise of:


Presentations followed by discussion and excursions to laboratorys, shipyards and other industrial enterprises.


A board meeting with the board and the next chairmen from each university. The following issues will be on the agenda:
– Election of the president for the following year
– Determination of time and place for the next congress
– Probable changes in the rules


Invitations must be sent no later than two months prior to the congress. A preliminary schedule should be attached.


The official language of the congress to the extent possible is Swedish.


A member fee cannot be demanded. To cover costs for the congress it is however possible to collect a participant fee. The association may not take on economic responsibility.


Study handbooks where current courses and litterature about ship building are listed are to be exchanged amongst the delegations.


When electing a new chairman at one of the universities the other universities should be informed as soon as possible. The latter also applies for changes in names, addresses and/or telephone numbers.


It is recommended, in the name of scandianavism, that the organizers leave behind any potential residue to the organizers of the following congress.