NTHS rules


Physical and mental violence is not under any circumstances allowed.


It is strictly prohibited to steal personal property.


It is not allowed to steal the NTHS-banner.


Other regalia may only be stolen after the congress has been opened until the banquette starts.


Stolen regalia shall be returned publicly during the banquette.


Possible souvenirs should be obtained with such a style and finesse that they can not be traced to an NTHS-delegate, as we care for our reputation as future shipbuilders.


Stimulating solutions of the type C2H5OH shall be stored and partaken of with the discrete elegance that only a shipbuilder knows.


The visited companies should be shown such a respect that the arrangers can look them in their eyes also in the future.


The President’s directives shall be respected and everyone shall follow the arrangers’ planning.


Communication during the congress should mostly be in English, which is NTHS’ official language.